Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are a modern, effective and practical solution to control privacy and sunlight. It is the most commonly used type of blind for domestic and professional workspaces. The diversity in fabrics for roller blinds enables the blind to be suitable for all areas like in the home, office, educational or healthcare establishment.

An advantage of the roller blind is the ability to give an aesthetically pleasing and architectural look to your window, from both the interior and exterior.

Every single one of our roller blinds is custom made to ensure the highest quality and a unique product. The results are stylish, personalized blinds, precisely tailored to the individual window and your personal choice.

Fabrics are available in a variety of transparencies (Openness Factor) covering all possible situations or activities in different rooms and buildings. To make the roller blind more personal the fabrics we offer comes in many innovative and decorative designs along with a wide colour range. Buying your roller blind from Euro Systems® ensures you a unique product designed to enhance the style of your home or office. For the accessories you have multiple choices for making your roller blind even more decorative and unique such as tassels, ball chain or hem bar with wrapped fabric.

Our fabrics are made of either polyester, PVC, fiberglass or even plants for special projects. Some fabrics also comes metalized ensuring even better reflection and a better environment in the room.

Our roller blinds are as a standard manual with a metal ball chain and for all manual blinds chain retainers are available to ensure the safety of any children in the building. If you want your roller blind to be motorized we also offer this solution with our 230 volts AC and 24 volts DC low-voltage motors fitted into the roller tube. Your blind can be operated by a simple switch or by remote/radio control.

Roller blinds can be controlled individually or as a group, for example per room or an entire floor. Automated blinds have the ability to link with AV, building-management or solar-tracking systems.

Double shade without fascia (ceiling fixing)

Guide wire
Roller blinds with stainless steel guide wires should be manufactured as standard EC 101 blind system. The standard brackets are prepared for adopting the SS guide wire, which should be PVC coated and 1,5 mm in diameter for interior blinds. For exterior blinds the SS guide wire has to be minimum 3,0 mm in diameter.

AV and room darkening
For AV and room darkening requirements Euro Systems recommends the use of a blackout fabric, which ensures no or little light penetration into the room hence providing excellent conditions for the use of projectors etc. Furthermore side guides of extruded aluminum should be installed on the sides and combined with either a fascia or cassette solution to cover the top of the window. The side guides can be equipped with a zipper channel, optional, which will close all light gaps on the side of the fabric. For extra light blocking a polyester broom can be installed in the side guides.

Side channel
The standard side channel is made of extruded aluminum and standard colour is white, but can be powder coated in any colour according to the RAL colour scheme.

Single channel is used for control and idle end on single blinds, the dimension is 22 mm x 47 mm. Double channels are used for centre bracket with multiple- and/or multi-banded blinds, the dimension are 22 mm x 95 mm.

Side channels are mainly used for AV or room darkening solutions, but can also be used for exterior blinds.

Zipper channel
The zipper channel is a three piece channel made of extruded aluminum. The single side channel is 36 mm x 60 mm. The double center channel is 36 mm x 120 mm. The zipper is welded onto the fabric ensuring low movement and no light penetration when combined with a blackout fabric.

The zipper ribbon is securely held in a shaped aluminum side channel which allows the blind to run freely and quietly but prevents the fabric from being pulled out of the channel. The zipper side channels are providing high wind resistance due to a welded zip that keeps the fabric firmly inside the side channels along the whole length of the blind. The zipper blinds can be installed on vertical windows, sloping windows, tilting windows, sky lights and atria.