Azure blinds

Azure is a fantastic modern look for any contemporary home. Azure is a soft, light diffusing vane and double sheer fabric, blend to create a unique visual effect. Azure blinds offer versatility, providing a neat and modern look to your home.

Azure blinds are perfect blinds for adding a simple style to your home. With an Azure blind you will turn your home into a modern place of living and make everyone feel at home. The translucent sheer fabric vanes of Azure blinds can be positioned fully opened – fully closed or anywhere in between for the privacy control you want. And unlike any other window shading available, Azure blinds can be raised with the vanes still open.

Combining the softness of a cellular shade, the simplicity of a roller shade, and the functionality of a horizontal blind, our Azure soft blinds offer unparalleled beauty and performance.

Azure comes in a range of fashionable pastel tones. When you see Azure you will not be disappointed!

Smooth continuous chain operation allows the fabric vane to be angled open to filter light, tilted closed for privacy or rolled away into its own neat head box when not required.

Closed vanes achieve total privacy.