Draperies and curtain tracks

Curtains are among the first details which add a dramatic focal point when you enter a room; there are nearly twenty different styles of curtains and draperies which can be used in window treatment. Flat panel curtains are the easiest and the versatile curtains, where just pieces of fabric are boarded on all four edges and hung from the decorating curtains poles with a clip-on rings. The look is strongly influenced by the fullness of the curtains being used.

Unlike blinds which generally hang within the window itself, curtains can be a lot larger than the window frame, sometimes even stretching from the floor to the ceiling. This can make them a very eye-catching feature; dominating small rooms and making large spaces feel even bigger.

For a curtain there are several different options for the fold, also called pleats. Euro Systems can provide your curtains with pinch-pleat, pencil-pleat, box-pleat, Ripple foldĀ®, Accordia-foldĀ®, shirred and grommet. For the track we have multiple options from light to heavy weight rails including a recess solution for almost invisible integration to the ceiling. Most of our tracks can also be bend in order to fit different room and ceiling designs.

We offer several different options of control like manual, with wand, cord drawn and motorized. Our motorized system is very quiet (<30 Db). The electrical curtain can be connected to BMS or AV systems and controlled by our wall contacts or remote control.

Newest in our range is a battery driven curtain rod from QMotion. This system can also be controlled by smart phone, tablet or computer.

95 tracks