Fly screens

In order to keep out flies and other insects, when keeping your door or window open for ventilation, a fly screen is the perfect solution. Most screens are today made from polyester material, but you can also find screens made from aluminium, fiberglass and nylon.

When choosing your screen colour, dark colours are usually the best, as these make the screens less visible and the viewing through is better than with bright colours. For door openings the mesh is normally pleated and the pleats are then turned vertical. In this way you can move your screen like a normal folding door, but without any additional parts than the framing.

This fine mesh allows the air to penetrate but keeps out undesired insects. The mesh is normally mounted onto an aluminium frame to span the mesh allowing full visibility of the surroundings.

Euro Systems offers a versatile range of insect screens, providing a discreet and functional screening option for folding doors and windows, kitchen serveries, sliding and French doors. The window system with integrated screen is perfect for kitchens or as an alternative to traditional windows in other areas of your home. The mesh is sheer, and there are no grills or horizontal bars to detract from the view. The screen is barely noticeable when in use, and completely disappears when you don’t need it.

You can use a fly screen in combination with slide and folding doors, windows and blinds.

Euro System can provide you with fly screens for your window and doors.