Skylight and winter garden systems

For architects and designers a skylight or winter garden offers the possibility of bringing as much natural daylight in to the building as possible. The huge benefit of a skylight is at the same time also its biggest downside. When allowing direct sunlight to penetrate through large window areas the heat is also allowed entering the building, causing a big challenge not only for the people inside but also the HVAC system.

For this reason Euro Systems has unique systems designed to cover large window areas and offering shade and cooler indoor environment, to the satisfaction of people benefitting of the glazed area.

Our skylight system can be motorized or manually operated. The electrical option can also be connected to almost any home automation system. Using special aluminium profiles, without any intermediate supports, openings up to 4 meters in width can easily be covered whilst maintaining the light and open atmosphere of a skylight.

Our winter garden system is suitable for horizontal, curved and sloping glazed designs including atrium roofs, conservatories etc. The system is designed and particularly suited for screen fabrics for effective solar and heat control. We offer a motorized solution adaptable with BMS or AV systems.

For smaller openings or lightweight fabrics a standard system designed for straight applications can be installed.