Car park shades

Car park shades from Euro Systems are a lightweight contemporary alternative to the traditional heavy car shade structures. It is designed to be unobtrusive and with any style of house or building. These can be made to almost any shape, and colour. The shade may take the form of a sail with pole at each corner and a taut fabric membrane, or it may be fully framed structure.

PVC Fabric:
We use top -of the-line choice for PVC fabric. Manufactured in Europe, this flame-retardant fabric option is available in a unique range of spectacular colours and offers a coating that is much thicker than conventional coated fabrics. Thanks to this exclusive characteristic, canopies will maintain their tear and tensile strength over time and will withstand wide temperature fluctuations without distortion. For maintenance purposes, simply wash with water and appropriate detergent.

HDPE Fabric:
We offer a broad range of advanced polymer fabrics for commercial and industrial applications. The fabric is a high quality, heavy duty knitted shade cloth specifically developed as a very strong and stable outdoor fabric for use in tension structures and shade sails. It offers the ultimate combination of maximum sun protection, strength and durability to ensure maintenance free long life performance.

We design, manufacture, and offer installation services of commercial fabric structures.