Pergola is the natural consequence of an innovative design with an essential style, naturally suspended in time because it is versatile with multiple ways of mounting it.

Modern pergola design materials include wood, vinyl, fibreglass, aluminium and CPVC (cellular PVC) rather than brick or stone pillars, are more affordable and are increasing in popularity. Wooden pergolas are either made from a weather-resistant wood, such as western red cedar or, formerly, of coast redwood, are painted or stained, or use wood treated with preservatives for outdoor use. For a low maintenance alternative to wood, vinyl, fibreglass, aluminium and CPVC can be used. These materials do not require yearly paint or stain like a wooden pergola and their manufacture can make them even stronger and longer lasting than a wooden pergola.

Stage Design in outdoor areas, Pergola is the new pitch awning, High-Performance protection, and easy to use. Considerable visual impact: it designs new spaces outdoors, choosing among the various configurations of structures and awnings.

The pergola can either lean against a wall or be an island solution with four legs. We offer different solutions for covering the sides with either glazing (slide and fold or sliding only) or a thin fabric similar to a fly screen to keep unwanted insects away whilst enjoying the view and summer.

Passing from one’s home to the sun through an ideal room: Pergola!