Roller shutters

Roller shutter doors are suitable for locations as various specifications are available that make it adaptable to the environment. In addition, these can be installed on any existing openings. Roller shutters essentially consist of a curtain of interlocking slats, which form a continuous hinge along their entire length. This construction permits the curtain to roll up or down onto a revolving spring-loaded barrel, which is mounted onto steel support brackets. A bottom rail is fitted to the curtain which strengthens it allows it to fix handles and the locking systems. The curtain is also prevented from moving sideways by side channels or guides. The shutter can be raised or lowered either manually or electronically.

GI/Perforated rolling shutters
Our GI and perforated are very strong rough and tough shutter with thickness of 1.2mm. This is available only in motorized option with any choice of colour.

Transparent Shutters/ Polycarbonate Rolling Shutters
Our transparent shutters are designed to provide you with maximum transparency, giving you a secure clear view from the shutters. They are suitable for internal use in locations such as shop entrances, shop arcades, bars, restaurants or any entrance where security vision through a shutter is required. They are controlled electrically.

Roller Grills
Our grills are designed to provide you with excellent visibility for products displayed through the shutters. They are suitable for shop fronts, showrooms, shopping centers, and restaurants, bars/ counter tops. Their finishing is naturally anodized or bronzed.

Continuous profile
Shutters with continuous profile are made of 0.58 mm thick steel and have an interlocking feature exclusive for Euro Systems. The sides are stitched with a nylon felt, for smooth and almost completely silent operation hence also eliminating the need of lubricants or grease. The weather seal is durable finished rubber to prevent the dirt.