Suspended ceilings systems

Euro Systems have had the privilege of working alongside such companies as SAS and Armstrong using their suspended ceiling systems providing a full range of solutions for projects within the education and healthcare sectors along with office and industrial environments.

A comprehensive range of performance systems such as corrosive resistant grids, clean room installations and seismic systems, also special applications for swimming pools.

A varied range of ceiling solutions to meet with the clients requirements, not only for aesthetics but also for performance values such as acoustic and fire.

Materials such as mineral fibre, metal pan, wood and stretched fabric to create functionality and performance.

Different systems include, clip in systems, lay-in systems, tip and tilt, exposed grids and cancelled grids.

Baswa (Acoustic solution)
The BASWAphon acoustics systems provide control of reverberation in rooms with reverberant, reflecting surfaces and materials (concrete, glass, stone, metal etc.) discards the acoustic energy generated in the room itself and generates an unpleasant noise level and a diffuse sound. This impairs the well -being and concentration.

In contrast, sound-absorbing surfaces destroy a great part of the acoustic energy occurring and, thereby, permit the original source of sound to emerge clearly: noises are effortlessly differentiated, the spoken word is easily understood. For this reason, many countries progressively provide a restriction of reverberation in their legislation, above all in public areas. Also in housing construction, control of reverberation is becoming increasingly more significant.