Fast action doors

Euro Systems opens up a world of opportunity when it comes to industrial doors. A door from Euro Systems stands out from all other doors – their design, working, the detailing and their versatility. Our doors are distinctive, dependable and durable, a fine example of the innovative strength.

When a door is used infrequently, insulation is of great importance.

However, when a door is used frequently, the speed at which it opens and closes, and the height to which it opens, are much more significant. The latest generation of control units features an adjustable half-height stop setting as  standard. In combination with the “Auto-close” function, this feature allows you to achieve considerable energy savings. Regardless of the type of door, the energy loss through an open door will always far exceed the degree of energy loss due to heat transfer and air leakage through a closed door. Research at the Technical University of Munich has shown that installing fast-action (roller) doors and avoiding long periods spent in the open position can reduce the additional energy requirements by as much as 30%! Interlocking two doors to create an air lock results in even greater savings and can improve the interior climate by up to 90%.

The extensive range of draught-excluding solutions from Alpha is used in just about all market sectors. The exact type of door depends on the specific application and the conditions in which it is to operate. Our standard range offers solutions for most situations. Based on your input, we can also engineer and supply custom-made solutions to satisfy any special requirements you may have.

We have solutions for retail, food, light and heavy industry, logistic, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.